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EPIC Touring Sea Kayaks, both like new
EPIC 18X Sport in Ultra Construction  –  $3865  
18’ x 22″
39 lbs
Epic 16X in Performance Construction  –  $3055
16’ x 23″
41 lbs
The Epic sea kayaks have been designed with super efficient hulls and also cockpits that ergonomically designed help the paddler generate power.  Plumb bow, maximize waterline length to provide great gliding properties.  In the cockpit the paddler can sit in a tradition frog, or knees tuck under the thigh braces, or choose to paddle in a comfortable knees together position from maximum power generation.  The unique foot board allows for excellent blade to boat power generation.  Super light-weight.  
Both the 16X and 18X Sport gobble up gear with load of storage capacity.
For more information, contact Bob Putman at: 

These boats are being stored in Bellingham.
Check out these videos to see them in action.


2010 Sterling Reflection Kayak  –  $3650.00

Excellent shape, minor scratches.   Stored inside all life.

Dave Riffle

14650 126th Ave NE,  Woodinville, Wa. 98072

425.949.2995      d.rif@comcast.net







Two (2) Yakima Aero Hullraiser kayak racks – $50/$75 


One has Never been used! so is $75. The second has more time but just fine – $50

Contact Jeremy for more details at Jerboy2468@gmail.com